Toji Cultural Foundation

“Thinking is the root of all activity and the primary source of human creation.”

The Toji Cultural Foundation was established for the purpose of promoting creative thinking, and fostering creative spirits and lifestyles.
The Foundation also aims to facilitate a forum for international writers, artists, and scholars to discuss important contemporary issues, such as the environment and related future concerns.
The Toji Cultural Center was founded to achieve these objectives.
The Center is nestled near Wonju in the rural mountains of Gangwon Province and provides a tranquil and inspirational environment for promising individuals to live and work.
The Foundation aspires to nurture the creative spirit of the youth for the twenty-first century through the exploration of the key principles of nature and life.

Pak Kyongni
Founder and former Chairperson of the Board of Trustees
Toji Cultural Foundation

Welcome Remarks from Chairperson of Toji Cultural Foundation

As daughter of the late Pak Kyongni, I fully understand that she founded Toji Cultural Foundation while she was alive because she wanted to make a quiet space for writers in a natural setting, so that they feel like they are at home, have time to think about what they do next, and write their own literary works.
Pak Kyongni felt very sorry for what was being contaminated and destroyed in the nature’s ecosystem, what our next generations will face as a result of the harm to nature, and how living creatures should survive. For this reason, her dearest wish was to have Toji Cultural Centre become a space for discussions of philosophies and ideas to help protect the nature and its ecosystem from being ruined as well as a space to come up with ideas for preservation practices.

I, as her daughter, also uphold her wish and will work hard at it.
Let me ask you to help us keep at it.

Thank you!
Kim Young Joo
Chairperson of the Board of Trustees

In April 2013, Pak Kyongni 's daughter, Kim YoungJu who is chairperson of the Toji Cultural Foundation had a lecture at Stanford University.

A Look at the History of Toji Cultural Foundation

Here is what we have done and what we do.
Since the establishment of Toji Cultural Foundation in June 1996,
we have worked hard to help contribute to the overall development of culture and arts.
We keep working hard.

2011: Pak Kyongni Prize, a literary award, was established. The year of 2011 was the first year of Pak Kyongni Prize event. This year marks the 9th year.
2010: Pak Kyongni Literature Festival started to be held.
2009: The enhancement project of the late Pak Kyongni was prepared.
5 May 2008: Pak Kyongni, writer of Toji and chairperson of Toji Cultural Foundation, passed away. Her daughter, Kim Young Joo, was inaugurated as the next chairperson.
2007: Toji Cultural Foundation began residency program for artists from countries around the world and for Korean nationality artists living in countries around the world.
2006: Another building structure, Gwirae House, was established.
2004: The writing and creation space support program for writers and artists started. The literary periodical, Breath Sound, discontinued being published.
2003: Maejisa House, building structure designed for writing and creation, was established. The literary periodical to promote Life Literature, Breath Sound, started being issued.
July 2001: Creation and writing program for writers and artists started.
June 1999: Opening ceremony of Toji Cultural Centre was held. Seminars and symposiums on life, environment, and culture were held.
June 1999: Toji Cultural Foundation was established. Pak Kyongni was inaugurated as the first chairperson.