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In order to commemorate Pak Kyongni, who put into practice her philosophy of life and penned the epic Land, one of the most monumental works of Korean literature, the center runs a permanent exhibition and hosts the Pak Kyongni Prize and Pak Kyongni Literature Festival.

The Wonju Pak Kyongni Literature Festival

The Pak Kyongni Literature Festival is held to commemorate writer Pak Kyongni’s literary legacy, her philosophy of life, and to strengthen humankind’s wish for love, peace, and justice.

Pak Kyongni spent a third of her life living in Wonju from 1980 to 2008. During those 28 years, not only did she complete Parts Four and Five of the majestic saga Land but she also published a number of poetry collections (The Boat That Cannot Sail Away, Cats in the City, and Our Time) along with some essay collections (Delusions for a Hypothesis and The Agony of Life). The poetry collection Lighthearted, I’m Left with Only What I Shall Leave Behind was published posthumously. Throughout her life and literary career, Pak Kyongni advocated for equality among all living beings based on her philosophy of life and took an active interest in environmental issues. Her “interest theory” argued that human beings live off of the interest earned from nature. Pak also founded and chaired the Toji Cultural Center for the purpose of cultivating artistic and literary talent.

The Toji Cultural Foundation, together with the city of Wonju and Gangwon Province, hosts several annual events in honor of Pak Kyongni’s literary achievements and her philosophy of life. Every year since 2010, Pak Kyongni Literature Festival has been held in October. The festival program includes the Pak Kyongni Prize Award Ceremony, literary forums, the Youth Writing Contest, musicals, and concerts.

The Objective of the Wonju Pak Kyongni Literature Festival 'Dreamers Create'

Reading Competition

Young readers compete by reading out memorable quotes from Pak Kyongni’s novels and essays.

Walking tour of Hoechon Forest

Writers and artists participating in the Toji Cultural Foundation’s Residency Program enjoy different activities such as a walking tour of Hoechon Forest and concerts.

National Writing Competition for Youth

Children and teenagers try their hand at writing at the place where Pak Kyongni lived and practiced her art, and watch specially arranged performances.
Those who take part in the Youth Writing Contest are encouraged to take a step closer to realizing their dreams through writing. The contest is open to students from primary, middle, and high schools across the country, as well as those in the same age group who are either home-schooled or attend alternative schools. The final round takes place on the third Saturday in October every year, and the winners are announced on the same day.

Meeting with the National Writing Competition Judges

Special Performance of the Play

The Hakchon Theater Company put up a special performance of the play, Dad, Your Face Looks Pretty, adapted by playwright Kim Min-Ki, for students and the local youth who participated in the Foundation's competition.

Literary Forum

This is an annual academic forum held to explore Pak Kyongni's representative work, Land (Toji), from different perspectives. An academic seminar was held under the theme different topic each year of Pak Kyongni Literature.
Exploring the Characters of Land (Toji) - This forum is intended to give participants an opportunity to share views on the novel's characters.

The Pak Kyongni Prize Celebration Concert

The Foundation hosts a celebratory concert performed by the New World Philharmonic Orchestra at the eve Pak Kyongni Prize Award Ceremony in the Baekwun Art Hall in Wonju. The concert is conducted by Gum Nan Se.

The Pak Kyongni Prize Award Ceremony

The Pak Kyongni Prize aims to fulfill humanity’s fervent hope for love and peace by honoring a writer whose works display a reverence for life and offer solace to the suffering.
Each year Pak Kyongni Prize is awarded to one author who has made a distinguished contribution to world literature. The award ceremony take place on the last Saturday in October every year.

The Pak Kyongni Prize Winner Lecture

Introducing the winner's works and his point of view in literature.

Hosted by - Toji Cultural Foundation, The Pak Kyongni Prize Committee, Gangwon Province, Wonju City, Dong-A Ilbo
Sponsored by - ASIANA, Maronie Books, MILIM SYSCON CO.,Ltd., SPECS Corporation, Yonsei University
Supported by - Picturebook-Special Library Perengeekot Picturebook Bus, Social Cooperative Picturebook City

The Scent of Literature

By exploring the key principles of nature and life, the Toji Cultural Foundation aims to promote and preserve active literary thought as a means of fostering and nurturing the creative spirits of young people in the twenty-first century. To this end, the Toji Cultural Foundation organizes a number of programs throughout the year including literary forums, readings, Youth Literature Camp, and book concerts.
Also available are various publications that suit the objectives of the center’s establishment.

Picture book making activity which bonds family tightly:

Every December, A lecture which will provide time to appreciate seasonal mood of Christmas will be hold. Then a joint team led by Social Cooperative Picturebook City and art education team will instruct how to make Christmas decorations and a picture book of full of family love after enjoying the view of picture books.

Recital performance: Recital drama of short stories of Pak Kyongni and collective stories of various writers will be performed by a theatre group lead by a professional director.

Creative Writing Camp for Youth:

Creative Camp aiming for middle school students and the same age group youth (including students from alternative schooling and home schooling) who are interested in writing.

Cultural events planner training programme

A series of lecture, discursion, practical training will be provide for citizen and university student would-be planner including workers from art and cultural group. The programme is consisted of planning for cultural event, storytelling method, how to invigorate the local area with cultural events, how to nourish your creativity,

Literary trip to the world of Pak Kyongni

The trip to the writer’s commemorative writing space, Tongyoung and Hadong where Pak Kyongni Literary Festival is hold will provide a preview of the literary world of the writer.

Accommodation & Venue Hire

Rooms and seminar halls are available for rent to groups and individuals.
Information about the Toji Cultural Foundation Accommodation
1 hour and 30 min by bus from Seoul to Wonju.
High-speed railway 1hr from Seoul to Wonju.

★Facility usage fee

1. Ondol room(room of floor heating system): 80,000 won/night (up to 4 persons)

- Extra person: 10,000 won/person

-Room layout: 2 Korean style ondol rooms, living room and bathroom

2. Bed room: 50,000won/night (1 person)
Bed, desk, chair, refrigerator, bathroom
Items available: toilet paper, soap (no toothbrushes and bathroom amenities)

- Washing machine, microwave in common purpose room

3. Meeting rooms: 40–80 persons
More than 4 hours: 350,000 won/day
Less than 4 hours: 250,000 won/day
Beam projector: 20,000 won/day

4. Meal: 7,000won/person (charged to and served for group of 20 persons or more)

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